Early Music

Some of the first pieces I’ve written

Setting of “Credo” adapted from various Latin texts.

Kyrie Eleison
Part of an early setting of the Latin Mass for vocal trio.

In Your Special Way
Rock/pop number written for an unproduced play. The piano/vocal reduction is presented here.

Fifty Years from Now
Heartlifting number that concluded the play PIECES. In the context of what had transpired, the somewhat schmaltzy song takes on sinister overtones.

Veni Sancte Spiritus
“Veni Sancte Spiritus” sequence commissioned for Pentecost. Intended to be sung after the First Reading and lead into the Second Reading, upon the tolling of a bell, the choir begins with a hushed invocation before building in intensity. A cantor (bass soloist) then leads before a seraphim (solo soprano) joins the choir in invoking the Holy Spirit. The triumphant final section with organ ends in a hushed supplication and the final echo of a bell.