Very Four in the Evening

Paraphrasing the textual annotation “very nine in the morning” in Satie’s ‘Veritables Preludes Flasques’ which opens the program, VERY FOUR IN THE EVENING explores the different directions that 20th century music took in the West.

I. Impressions & Tonality

Satie, Veritables Preludes Flasques (pour un chien)
Satie, Sonneries De La Rose + Croix (Air Du Grand Prieus)
Poulenc, Nocturne no. 1
II. Neo-Formalism

Tippett, Sonata no. 1, second movement
Webern, Piano Piece
III. Neo-Classicism

Skryabin, Preludes; op.13 no.3, op.11 no.9, op.16 no.4
Shostakovich, Prelude& Fugues no. 24
IV. Neo-Nationalism

Janacek, On an Overgrown Path, No.s 4, 5
Ligetti, Musica Ricercata, no.s IV-VII
Falla, Andaluza from Pieces Espagnoles
V. Neo-Romanticism

Cowell, The Tides of Manaunan
Ravel, Le jardin feerique

Winter 2004, Stephen Chen, piano